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Traveled to 25 countries at only 1 million won.
This is my turning point
I didn't know it would be.
Q. Please introduce yourself briefly.
I'm Chae Joo-seok, a travel writer who published a travel essay [I'm glad I have more time than money] after returning to travel in 25 countries around the world with only 1 million won.
At first, even an interest in travel
There was no one.
Q. How did you get the title of'Travel writer Chae Joo-seok'?
Originally, I didn't like traveling. Then, by accident, a travel book I read from the military made the world curious, and I prepared for a world radio tour in the military. After the discharge, I traveled to 25 countries and returned to the plane, which stimulated someone who was not interested in traveling. Now I decided to write a travel book!
Q. As a newcomer, the process of publishing would not have been easy.
I first submitted to over 200 places to find a publisher, and it took me six months to sign a contract with the publisher. I studied Korean grammar again and didn't come up with a title, so I had a meeting with the publisher's representative on the Han River at dawn. It was a difficult process, but it was a completely new challenge for me, and it was significant for me to have a clear result, and later I was proud to see my hair while enjoying it.
Q. What are the comments from the people around you?
I started doing unexpected things and kept doing other things, so I talked a lot when I exchanged with the acquaintances I met after a long time. (haha)
What I want to do
It is the greatest driving force to achieve it with my will.
Q. What is the driving force to lead your life more actively?
I once traveled for free with the support from a travel agency, but I had to upload 1 content a day. From the moment I became obliged, I couldn't enjoy the trip properly, and the biggest driving force was to achieve what I wanted to do.
Q. Insights from Travel and Challenge
Mannerism always seems to come when my ambitions and goals I've dreamed of no longer seem interesting, and if it's a project that fills in the target amount, I think that my challenge is over when the target amount is over. I think it was!
Q. What is the turning point for President?
It's definitely a world trip. When I was in Argentina, I stayed in the mountains with local hippies, and in Spain, I enjoyed a luxury that I couldn't enjoy in Korea thanks to my king's friend. In this way, I have indirectly experienced their lives by hanging out with various kinds of friends, and I think the views I have now have been made.
Someone who lives nicely while doing what he wants to do.
It is my ambition to be remembered as such a person!
Q. What is your ambition?
No, because you don't have the skills to write, you can't travel because you have to go back to school, when do you want to graduate? I want to live freely within the framework of this society, regardless of my age, not only in my 30s, but also in my 40s and 50s. This is my ambition.
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