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Endless failures and challenges
Im So Eun is now
I made it.
Q. Please introduce Soeun.
I'm Soo-eun Lim, a travel dance youtuber'T-Dan-yi' who loves traveling and dancing and enjoys challenges
Now traveling around the world on stage
I want to be a dancing person.
Q. What is your childhood?
He was an ordinary elementary school student. Until I moved out, in my elementary school, my family was in trouble, so my five families lived in the studio and in the middle of the ring, being bullied at school, constantly comparing with others, and eventually struggling with confidence and self-esteem.
My mom, who watched me like this, suggested that I drop out and enter an alternative school.
On the day of the alternative school workshop, I had a self-declared time to shout out'I can do it' three times. I can do it.'
'Abandonment, youth outside school'
The title that is negatively reflected
Make'I' more special
I think I made it.
Q. How did you become a'travel dancer'?
I decided on the way home after the workshop. I'm going to challenge the things I thought I could never do.
With the only favorite and confident'dancing', various projects were carried out, the Moroccan international exchange program passed after 3 applications, and the embicion backpack received through the story event was able to travel around Southeast Asia. I pledged by looking at the world map. Let's go through all these large countries and have a lot of experience. Through experiences of challenges and failures, I was able to naturally realize that'the right to decide my choice is not my environment, but me.' I think I made it special.

Q. Were you afraid of'challenge' and'failure'?
Many challenges and attempts, I haven't attached anything at once. I failed countless times and challenged again!
I think most successful people have been challenged through numerous attempts and failures. If you think that way, your anxious and fearful mind will turn into excitement as if it's the evidence of a successful path, and if you think about the sense of accomplishment that you can't express in words that you get through challenges, it's too much time to fail and hesitate!
Q. Please tell me about your future plans as a'travel dancer'.
Not long ago, I spent a lot of time editing and uploading the dance videos that I had filmed on my trip to South America. This year, I also wrote a publication plan to publish a book containing my challenge! It's so happy just to imagine that the book that contains my story comes out of the world. Ah, I'm going to go on my next overseas trip with Mb. I'm going to remember the countries I've traveled and danced with in my backpack. Will it be filled someday?
Conquer the Earth with Dance Busking
My bucket list and ambition!
Q. What is'Ambition' for Soeun?
I always envied people dancing on the streets and thought it was great. Before challenging YouTube. Now, I'm uploading a video of dancing around the world and dancing on the street on YouTube.I want to give the confidence that I can do it to people who are struggling with the wall created by myself through the medium of'dance'! I'm trying to challenge.
I want to be a person who conquers the earth with dance busking and challenges the world. It's my ambition to be happy just by thinking!
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